Find My Device & Track Friends

Find My Device & Track Friends

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Find Your Lost Devices and Headphones – Fast! Need Help Finding Your Nearby Devices and Earbuds? Install this App Now to Find them In Seconds! KEY FEATURES • Locate any Bluetooth device that is broadcasting a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) signal. • Find your devices and headphones, in seconds. • Save money by not having to replace lost devices. • It also works as a tracker, so when your devices leave a detectable area, you will get a notification and sound alert. • Record the name, distance, first seen time, and last time seen of the device you are tracking. • Use the app anytime you want to find your friends nearby in a crowded place, such as a train station, plaza, etc. Works indoors and outdoors! • The interface design is easy to use and completely intuitive. It’s fun to use. You don't need to read a manual. THIS APP HELPS YOU FIND THE FOLLOWING DEVICES - iPhone 5 or later, iPad 3/4/5, iPad mini 2/3/4/5, iPad Air 1/2/3, iPad Pro 1/2/3, iPod Touch 6/7 - Apple Watch Series 1/2/3/4/5, Apple Pencil 1/2 - MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro - Bluetooth headphones, earphones, and speakers (e.g., Bose, Beats, Jaybird, JBL, Jabra, etc.). - Fitbit Ace, Alta, Blaze, Charge, Flex, Ionic, One, Ultra, Surge, Versa, Inspire, etc. - Samsung Gear S3, Galaxy Watch - Jawbone UP24, UP2, UP3, UP4 - Garmin Watches - Microsoft Band 1 & 2 HOW TO FIND YOUR LOST DEVICES • Launch the app • Find your lost device in the list (Pull to refresh) and tap on 'Radar'. • Walk around slowly and watch the Radar carefully. As you move closer to your lost device, the signal will increase. • When you are 0-0.5 meter away from your device, the signal will be 80-100%. Then, please look around. You should find your device nearby. It's so simple :) HOW TO TRACK YOUR DEVICES • Detector mode can track as many devices as you need. • Just launch the app and go to the Detector tab. • If you have luggage, you can place an iPhone or iPod into the luggage and turn on the Broadcaster mode as a tracker. If your luggage is picked up by someone else and taken away, you will get a notification. • The app will record the Name, Distance, First Seen Time, and Last Time Seen of the device you are tracking. The history information can be shared or saved as a .CSV file. HOW TO FIND YOUR FRIENDS • Launch the app and go to the Detector tab. • Phone your friend and ask him/her to run the app and go to the Broadcaster tab and enable it. • If your friend is within a detectable range (around 20-30 meters), you should see him/her appear on the Detector screen. • Walk around slowly and watch the Detector screen carefully. As you move closer to your friend, he/she will appear in the 'Very Close' area. • When your friend comes within the 'Very Close' area, please look around. You should see your friend! It's so simple :) HINTS ON FINDING YOUR DEVICES • Bluetooth signals can travel through walls, floors, and ceilings, so be sure to look for your target in rooms above, below or next to you. • Walk slowly and check the radar carefully. • Download it now, before the battery runs out! REASONS YOUR DEVICE CANNOT BE FOUND • The device has been turned off, or the battery is dead. • It is more than 30 meters away from you. * Some features require in-app purchase. Thank you! :)

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