DC Power Cable Size Calc

DC Power Cable Size Calc

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DC Power Cable Size Calculator are electrical calculator to find approximate wire gauge/size based on the length of the wire, the voltage and the current (in amps). Features: - Instant calculation - Result are copy able to other app - Formula are include as reference - Support various unit for each input Cable sizes are important for low voltage battery cables, wind turbines, solar panels and load cables. Common reasons for low voltage (12v, 24v or 48v) system faults are voltage drops through incorrectly sized cables. It can be very dangerous If the cable is too small, as the cable will heat up and potentially cause a fire. On contrast an oversized cables might cause energy or money waste. Formula: VDI = (Amps x Distance)/(%Volt Drop x Voltage) VDI - Voltage Drop Index (a reference number based on resistance of wire) Distance - One way wiring distance in feet %Volt Drop = acceptable voltage drop Cable Size by cross-sectional area [Cooper] mm² = VDI x 1.1 The voltage drop value will vary depending on your application. The standard 2% are use to ensure delivering full potential to any needed electrical source. And 5% or more voltage drop is more common in automotive applications. Safety Guide: - Cable sizes should only be used as a guideline and all figures should be checked against the manufacturers data sheet. - Cables should be fused / current protected to their max rating or less. *This is a universal app that work for both iPhone and iPad. Thanks for your support and do visit nitrio.com for more apps for your iOS devices.

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